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In April, join us for an exploration of OS X Lion, and a discussion of Flashback trojan malware.

Last year we re-elected our 2011 officers for 2012. We also had a great party in December right at our meeting location, Whole Foods. Come and join us for the new year meetings!


TopXNotes review

TopXNotes is a well-made app for a new age of information.

Type in a note in a text editor and you have it done, but if you leave your Mac, anyone can read it. Security is the key if you have lot of sensitive information, or you just like to keep your thoughts out of the wrong eyes.

If you just drag an article from Wikipedia, or hand typed notes, everything you have is tracked and can be password protected. The interface is Mac-like and responsive. A MultiView feature allows multiple notes on screen at the same time. The template feature and examples can keep your notes to task, like shopping lists, account numbers, computer passwords, web access numbers and class notes. Search the whole note notepad or one note for a word or a phrase.

All you need is a Mac G3 through an Intel Mac OS 10.3.9.

A timely release of a new version has added new features like ipod/iphone plug-in functionality.

Further information is at their website: